What is Wannacrypt Ransomware?

WannaCrypt is a computer attack started on May 12 2017, targetting Microsoft Windows Operating system. It encrypts all the data in the infected computer and the owner of the computer need to pay money to obtain the decryption key. See this FAQ post to understand the technical details of this exploitation. As of 21 May 2017, multiple data recovery tools were developed and published by various security researchers which could help to recover the data in case your computers are infected.


Wannacrypt is a Ransomware. It means that the computer worm hijacks your computer and ask for a ransom to release the data. This is achieved by encrypting the data in the computer and the user will not be able to use the computer until a certain ransom money is paid to the attacker.


Scope of attack

This worm exploits a vulnerability existed in the Microsoft Windows Operating System. Microsoft states that customers using Microsoft Windows 10 are not affected by this attack. Microsoft discovered this vulnerability months ago and released a security patch to protect against exploitations of this vulnerability on March 14 through Security Bulletin MS17-010. Computers missing this update are highly vulnerable for Wannacrypt attack.

Wannacrypt FAQ and Latest News

Through this mini website, we intend to publish a series of Frequently Asked questions and their answers, as well as a live stream of latest news and developments related to this devastating cyber attack.